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ITSSD CEO Identifies the Foreign Standards Threat Posed to US Global Technological & Economic Competitiveness as Early as 2003

Standards, Regulations, and the Global Trading System

Global Business Dialogue Seminar Outline

By Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq.

National Foreign Trade Council

July 14, 2003


Draft Agenda for the October 2, 2003 ANSI International Policy Committee (IPC) Meeting for Consideration at the October 2003 INCITS (InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards1) Standards Policy Board Meeting

2.4.1 Europe & and the ANSI Regional Standing Committee for Europe/Middle

Included as a topic under this item are...

...another recently released report from the Washington Legal Foundation, following up on a report issued earlier this year.

This latest installment in WLF's educational Working Paper publication series, "'Unscientific' Precaution: Europe's Campaign to Erect New Foreign Trade Barriers", (provided as document IPC025-03) was written for WLF by international trade law expert Lawrence A. Kogan on behalf of the National Foreign Trade Council.

Though no action is equired, IPC members are encouraged to express their views on these papers.

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